Palador Pictures, NFDC extend Remembering Bergman – A Retrospective


Mumbai: Palador Pictures and National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) have extended the Remembering Bergman – A Retrospective that is in the running in Mumbai by a week. The six-city Bergman Retrospective organized by Palador Pictures and the Embassy of Sweden garnered immense support and appreciation in all the cities in which it was exhibited – Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune, and went on to create greater ‘Bergman Magic’ at its grand finale in Mumbai.

Witnessing the packed theatre for all seven days and bowing to insistent demand by Bergman fans, NFDC and Palador Pictures decided to extend the festival by one week.

The extended festival showcasing Bergman’s masterpieces like Wild Strawberries, Summer Interlude, Summer with Monica, Through a Glass Darkly, Music in Darkness, Winter Light, The Silence and The Devil’s Eye will take place at NFDC preview theatre in Worli from 22 September to 28 September, from 9:00 pm onwards.

"Remembering Bergman – A Retrospective is our tribute to the legendary Swedish filmmaker who passed away in July last year," said Palador Pictures founder and managing director Gautam Shiknis.

NFDC managing director Nina Lath Gupta added, "The decision to extend the Bergman retrospective by a week was a unanimous decision between Palador and NFDC. We made this decision when we saw the astonishing turnout at the retrospective last week. There were many who missed the opportunity due to limited seating at the venue. We hope this will give them another chance to witness Bergman’s magic on the big screen."