Palador Pictures rolls six-city film festival on Ingmar Bergman


Mumbai: Palador Pictures in association with the Embassy of Sweden has rolled out Remembering Bergman – A Retrospective, a tribute to Ingmar Bergman, one of the greatest filmmakers of all times on his first death anniversary.

The Retrospective was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Sweden with the unveiling of the Bergman Collector’s Edition 5 DVD Box Set and the announcement of the film festival.

The films available to audiences on the DVD Box Set are Music in Darkness, Summer With Monika, Through a Glass Darkly, Winter Light and The Silence, with Intermezzo – a freewheeling interview with Ingmar Bergman – as a special feature. The festival will  also showcase Wild Strawberries, Summer Interlude and Devil’s Eye.

Palador Pictures founder and managing director Gautam Shiknis said, "Bergman’s films have moved, inspired and influenced a host of filmmakers and audiences across the world. It is no wonder that he is often called the greatest cinematic artist ever. On the first death anniversary of Bergman, this festival and box set is this nation’s tribute to the great master."

"Bergman is easily one of the best-known Swedes in the world and it is very heartening for me to be a part of the process to make sure that his work is accessible to his fans and film enthusiasts in India," said Ambassador of Sweden to India H.E. Lars-Olof Lindgren. "What makes this Retrospective even more special for me, is the fact that we are all gathered to pay tribute to Bergman, the man who has not just defined Swedish cinema for the world, but has contributed to shaping cinema as the world knows it too.”

Another high point of the Retrospective is the presence of Gunnar Bergdahl, director of two documentaries made on Bergman – Intermezzo: Ingmar Bergman and The Voices of Bergman as well as a close friend of the filmmaker. Intermezzo will be screened for students of film and public at workshops conducted by Bergdahl in Delhi and Mumbai.

Bergdahl added, "I’m happy to have had the opportunity to share some time with him. He might be gone now, but his passion for the possibilities and challenges of filmmaking will be inspiring forever. In fact, I once asked, ‘Bergman, don’t you ever tire of watching all these films?’ He laughed and said, ‘Filmmaking is an expanding universe. The more you look, the more you find!"

Palador Pictures co-founder and Joint MD Mohan Polamar said, "Bergman stormed into the World Cinema scene with two masterpieces in the same year, 1957. Such was the genius of this prolific director without whose name any discussion of cinema would ever be complete. With this festival, I personally feel a sense of satisfaction about the number of people it is reaching out to across the country. When quality cinema as embodied by Bergman is widely seen and appreciated, quality cinema would end up being made as well."