Palador ties up with retail chains to up world cinema reach


Mumbai: Palador has tied up with retail chains like Landmark, Music World and Crossword, along with major standalone stores in Mumbai like Rhythm House and Granth, to increase the reach of its world cinema home video.

Palador will independently release world cinema titles across 45 stores in India.

The seven films being released in DVD format include five classics from Ingmar Bergman, The Silence, Winter Light, Through A Glass Darkly, Summer With Monika and Music in Darkness along with two contemporary titles End of Violence from Wim Wenders and an action / drama movie Away with Words from Christopher Doyle. These movies are priced at Rs 399.

Speaking on Palador’s independent foray into home video retail, Palador Pictures founder and managing director Gautam Shiknis said, "Home video retail is a crucial part of our integrated plan to promote world cinema across all mediums available in the country today. Palador is pleased to announce the association with leading organized chain stores to retail its world cinema titles across India. With this relationship on board, we intend to release 50 titles subsequently during the next quarter and henceforth, reaching a sales figure of half a million copies by 2010."

Palador, with its tie ups with Moser Baer and IndiaPlaza, has already pumped over 40 world cinema titles in the market.