Percept launches PPC Cause Cinema


    MUMBAI: Percept Picture Company has launched PPC Cause Cinema, which will seek to create and market cinema with a specific social intent and message, in partnership with numerologist Sunita Menon.

    This is the first organised initiative by any film company in the country to go beyond the profit motive and use the persuasive powers of Bollywood to address real social issues that touch the lives of millions in India.

    PPC Cause Cinema will also provide a platform that brings together Bollywood’s filmmaking talent on the one hand and the Indian corporate world on the other, to enable corporates to fulfil their aspirations of helping bring about a social change.

    Percept Picture Company had produced Phir Milenge, a 2004 film which supported AIDS as a cause. The film starred Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Abhishek Bachchan in lead roles.

    Sunita Menon will be on board for PPC Cause Cinema as an equal partner in the initiative. “I believe that there is a gap in the Bollywood offering today, and our endeavour will be to fill this void by providing thought-provoking Cause Cinema for the audiences. Cause films will tell a story in a seemingly objective manner on subjects like AIDS, poverty, illiteracy, women empowerment, rape, children issues, sex-education, drugs, prostitution, crime, juvenile delinquency and smoking,” says Menon.

    A percentage of the profits generated from these films will be contributed towards these pre-identified social causes.