Pix gets spooky with films in September


MUMBAI: Come September and Sony’s English movie channel Pix will turn spooky! The channel has lined up some of the most scariest films for some thrills and chills.


The slot titled Evil Unleashed starts with Torture Garden on 7 September at 8 pm followed by 13 Ghosts at 10 pm where the house inherited by Arthur and his two children turns out to be their prison and 13 ghosts their jailers.


It gets spookier with Dunwich Horror on 14 September at 8 pm where Nancy Wagner’s meeting with Wilbur Whateley in the library finds her trapped in evil clutches. This is followed by 976 Evil at 10 pm where Spike dials the number 976 not realising that the call will cost him his soul.


An important discovery of computer scientist Hannon Fuller proves fatal and he is found murdered in mysterious circumstances in the movie Thirteenth Floor, which will be aired on 21 September at 8 pm. In another film called Anatomy to be aired at 10 pm, medical student Paula discovers a gruesome conspiracy during the investigation of the death of a young man.


On 28 September, Children of the Night will be aired, in which a school teacher and a priest try their best to stop the town from being run over by vampires. The grand finale of this horror special is with the movie The Craft where a 16 year old troubled teenager comes in contact with three unlikely friends who dabble in occult practices.


Pix will also bring two martial arts films – Jet Li’s The One followed by Legend of the Red Dragon on 9 September at 8 pm and 10 pm respectively.


After all the action and horror, Pix will also air some romantic films from 10 – 13 September. Bell, Book and Candle will be aired on 10 September follwoed by Walk Don’t Run on 11 September. Taming of the Shrew will be aired on 12 September.


Pix will also showcase a special Mel Brooks Festival from 24 – 27 September wherein movie like Mr. Deeds (24 September), Mr. Wonderful (25 September), Mrs. Winterbourne (26 September) and Mr. Holland’s Opus (27 September) will be aired.