Pixelkraft offers India’s micro sitcom


MUMBAI: Pixelkraft Media Solutions has made a foray into the short format content category, with the micro series – RamandRia – a slice of life, humorous micro series about a newly wed urban Indian couple.

Not produced for the TV, but created exclusively for the alternate screens like, internet, mobile, out of home media and In-flight entertainment, this micro series can be viewed on their website which will feature new episodes regularly.

The story of this sitcom is of a north meets south, battle-of-the-sexes romantic comedy. Ram is a techie, nerdy, stuck-to-the-roots, traditional South Indian in his late 20’s. Ria is the suave, stylish, cosmopolitan Mumbaiker in her early 20’s. Fate plays cupid and in spite of being complete opposites, they fall in love in a hurry and marry in haste. After marriage, they slowly begin to discover, whether they are really made for each other, as each day in their lives is full of shocking surprises, culture shocks and hilarious twists pushing them to their wits end. Ram played by V. Balakrishnan and Ria played by Aarti Aaney are theatre artistes in India.

Directed by PixelKraft, Creative Director, Siddharth S Kumar, Ramandria.tv is produced by PixelKraft – a four year old media solutions company based in Chennai who recently launched Indibiz.tv – the first interactive online video directory for brands. Pixelkraft is into content creation, online distribution, online exhibition, advertising – brand development and marketing communication solutions.

Structured in a non-linear narrative format, the user can choose to view any episode and still not miss the storyline, on the lines of classic television comedies like ‘Friends’. Unlike Youtube videos, ramandria.tv is professionally produced entertainment content.