Piyush Sachdev toughens up for cop role

Piyush Sachdev
Mumbai: Television actor Piyush Sachdev, who is playing a policeman in Like OK’s new show "Hum Ne Li Hai…Shapath", says he not only worked on fitness but also spent time with real policemen to prepare for his role so that the audiences find his character believable.

"I have worked a lot on getting the lean and fit look for my role in this show. I worked out a lot and reduced around 7 kgs to achieve the look," Piyush told IANS on phone from Mumbai.

"As part of my preparation for the role, I saw some cop films and even spent sometime with real-life policemen to understand their body language and how they work so as to make my role look genuine.

"Audiences are very smart and sensible today and if they don’t find the role genuine they would not watch the show," added Piyush, who was previously seen in shows like "Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya" and "Geet…Hui Sabse Parayi".

The story of "Hum Ne Li Hai…Shapath" follows the lives of the three protagonists – Gautam (Hassan Zaidi), an idealistic inspector who is the son of a joint commissioner of police, Shikha (Madhura Naik), a social worker and the daughter of a rich business tycoon, and Abhigyan (Piyush), a senior inspector.

In the show they go from being mere bystanders to taking on the system. Piyush is also upbeat about the fight sequences that he has performed all by himself.

"Since it is a show which has policemen as the protagonists, action sequences are bound to be there and I really had fun performing them. I deliberately chose not to use duplicate for the action sequences because I wanted to perform them all by myself. I wanted to give it a genuine touch which is important to connect with the audience," he said.

The actor came to Mumbai 11 years back and groomed himself before entering into showbiz.

"I came to Mumbai 11 years back. I had no ambition, I didn’t know whether I want to become an actor or a model. But gradually I started preparing myself as I saw there was a lot of competition. I did theatre, worked on my voice modulation, took dance classes and even learnt martial arts, so that I don’t lack in anything," he said.

Piyush started his television career with Doordarshan show "Shakti". He later went on to do shows like "Kya Kahein", "Ghar Ek Sapna" and "Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai", among others, and he is now happy with the way his career has shaped up.

"I am enjoying variations in my roles," he said.