Playspan & VG launch celebrity virtual goods business debuting with Snoop Dogg


MUMBAI: PlaySpan, in partnership with Virtual Greats (VG), has introduced officially licensed Snoop Dogg digital items for sale in IMVU. Snoop Dogg is a Grammy Award-nominated rapper, record producer and actor and most recently released his tenth studio album, Malice in Wonderland.


The licensed branded virtual goods include Snoop hats, sunglasses, bikinis, and assorted clothing items, branded dance floors, signature moves, musical instruments, and complete DJ sets.


The initial release of assets, range in price from $2 and up, with an exclusive tranche of items to be sold on a limited edition basis.


"It’s a proud day for all Snoop Dogg fans in IMVU. I always look for ways to reach out and touch my fans, wherever they may be online or on the streets. My licensed items are off the chain and it’s a win-win situation for everyone, ya dig?!?" said Snoop Dogg.