Police conduct 4 raids on movie pirates in a single day; seize 7600 pirated discs


MUMBAI: Mumbai Police along with AA Khan & Associates conducted four raids, across western Mumbai to fight the menace of piracy. In the raids, conducted in Santacruz West, Santacruz East, Jogeshwari East and Goregaon West, close to 7600 pirated discs were found. The team got multiple DVD prints of recent Hollywood and Bollywood releases like Iron Man 2, Bum Bum Bole, Housefull and Badmaash Company.

The first raid was conducted in Santacruz East by a joint team of the Vakola Police station and AA Khan Associates. 2070 discs were found in the raid conducted on 3 stalls in the area. As a part of the operation the police have arrested Mohd. Samim Razzak Ansari and Mohd. Farhan Ishtiyak Khan.

In the second raid conducted at Goregaon West, the joint team of the Goregaon Police station and AA khan Associates, found 1000 pirated discs. Nitesh Minnu Bajaj and Sayyed Asif Nizam have been arrested in the raid which was carried out across 2 stalls.

In the third raid of the night in Santacruz West another 1000 pirated discs were found in 2 stalls. The pirated DVDs found in the raid were handed over to the local police station. However, no arrests were made in the operation.

The fourth raid of the night was carried out near Kulkarni Hospital in Jogeshwari East. Based on a tip-off they found  more than 3500 pirated discs in the raid. The police have made one arrest post the raid. This raid was a joint operation between a team from SS Branch Mumbai Police headed by PI Tangadpalli along with AA Khan Associates.

Says Khan, “We are increasingly trying to exert pressure on movie pirates along with the Mumbai Police, to reduce piracy in the city. With big movies like Shrek, Kites and Rajneeti slated to release over the next 10 days, we are on a high alert to catch pirates and reduce their movements.”

In last few months all major production houses are making efforts to curb piracy, as it affects their revenues in a big way. This is just the beginning towards fighting this major issue with many more severe steps to be taken ahead.