Post Pak ban, scenes axed for Shoot on Sight India release


Mumbai: The upcoming film Shoot On Sight, directed by Jagmohan Mundhra and produced by Aron Govil, just got less hot and controversial. Certain inflammatory and sexual scenes of the film from the Indian prints will have to be deleted, along with the language.

It is reported that in one of the scenes Om Puri makes a heart-wrenching speech with considerable inflammatory words that had to be trimmed for the Indian market to avoid any potential for riots. Another scene that was trimmed dealt with the portrayal of sexual behavior of Naseeruddin Shah’s teenage daughter played by India Wadsworth, a British actress. The Indian censor board did not approve of this scene and felt that it bordered on an adult rated film.

Govil was irate with the censor board’s decision and said, "I am extremely surprised by the decision of the Indian Censor board. Whereas Bollywood films regularly show extensive amounts of nudity in most films that are regularly approved by the Indian board, there is nothing controversial about Shoot On Sight and it is a very well balanced film."

However, Govil had no choice but to comply with the censor board’s decision.

Shoot On Sight, with a tag line "Is it a Crime to be a Muslim?" is expected to hit the Indian cinemas on 17 October. The film will be released both in English and Hindi prints. Shoot On Sight is currently banned in Pakistan and has opened to record releases in the UK and USA.