Prabhu Deva Plays Autobiographical Character

Prabhu Deva
MUMBAI: It takes one choreographer to recognize the pained soul behind the dancing that constitutes the life of another.

We hear Remo D’Souza’ 3D dance film  ‘ABCD’  is based on the film’s leading man, a dancer-choreographer’s life and career.

When asked Remo d’Souza admitted that the role of the dancer-hero in ‘ABCD’ was modelled on Prabhu Deva himself.

Prabhu says he was taken aback when he heard Remo D’Souza’s  script. “It sounded like an instant-replay of my own  life. The role is very close to my heart. It is fun to be choreographed by someone else. I just have to dance. But it isn’t easy. Remo has got some fabulous dancers from all over the world. They’re 20 years old. I feel I am out of touch."