Prahlad Kakkar’s Bitter Rain not pouring as yet

Mumbai: Veteran ad film maker Prahlad Kakkar had planned to start producing feature films early this year under the banner of Genesis Features. The first project Bitter Rain is to star Manoj Bajpai, Sonu Sood and Vidya Malvade. It was expected to go on floors by February. But unfortunately even as half the year has gone past, Kakkar has not been able to find himself a financial partner. “The film is on hold right now. But very soon I shall be able to find someone to finance this project and then the film should go on floors”, says Prahlad. Earlier Bitter Rain was to be made on a budget of Rs. 25 lakhs for Star One . But the deal fell through. Hence he decided to make it into a full length feature film

The film: Bitter Rain is a story about abduction and rape of an innocent married woman belonging to the upper class New Delhi family. It’s a narrative thriller and is set in the background of an election. The film also explores about goons and young sons of politicians indulging in various activities knowing that they can get away with it easily. The film has a succinct reference to the Jessica Lal murder case. There is also a romantic angle to it, apart from the social, tragedy and thriller ingredients.

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