Prakash Jha Gets Raunchy

Esha gupta
MUMBAI: Hard-hitting filmmaker that he is Prakash Jha shies away from shooting raunchy sequences. No more. Last week in the far-flung jungles of Panchamarhi in Madhya Pradesh, Prakash shot a super-sexy number for his new film Chakravyuha featuring newcomer Anjali Patil. The song Tambai rang tera is described by the director as, “the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done.”

Ganesh Acharya who excels in choreographing raunchy crowded songs was flown into the jungles to do a Chikni chamelifor Prakash Jha. Says Prakash, “It’s a celebration song for the tribals, and I wanted it to be like a spontaneous outburst of sensuality. Not like the excessively synchronized movements we see in our films with 50 buttocks quivering in perfect rhythm. This is more improvised, less rehearsed. It’s how tribals would celebrate in a jungle.”

Prakash admits there is a pronounced element of sensuality in the number. “It’s how tribals dance in pairs. They forget who’s watching them. They are lost in that moment of  absolute abandon. The characters had to surrender to the sensuality of the moment. Abhay did just that. I’m surprised at how much he grasps the nuances of his character.”

Now Prakash is for the first time working with action director  Abbas Ali Moghul. The action sequences in Chakravyuha are designed to be larger than life. Says Prakash, “I’ve never worked with Abbas Ali Moghul before. We want the action sequences to be real at the same time heart-in-the-mouth.”

Those who thought Prakash Jha was making a dry docu-styled feature on the Naxalites would have to revise their opinion. Says Prakash, “It’s anything but dry. We’re shooting some of the most daring action sequences. We recently shot a confrontation scene between Om Puri and Esha Gupta. I was amazed at how confidently she stood her ground with an actor of Om’s calibre.” Let’s hope Esha is more convincing as a cop than she was as a doctor in Jannat 2.