Prasad EFX adds VFX to Telugu movie


    MUMBAI: Digital post production studio Prasad EFX has executed VFX in the NTR starrer Yamadonga (Telugu).

    A project by Sri Viswamitra Creations starring NTR, Dr Mohan Babu and directed by Rajamouli, Yamadonga is fused with visual effects including 3D Models, animation, compositing, 2D VFX, 3D Sets, and restoration of old footage.

    A team of more than 90 professionals at Prasad EFX, Hyderabad and Chennai worked for more than three months to create the nearly one hour of VFX that is packed into the film.

    An entire Yamaloka was created in computer graphics and composited with live action and characters matching camera movements and foreground movement. A technique of forced perspective, wherein the character (Mohan Babu), grows to an enormous height of 90 feet, while the camera is going back to a very wide range was used to effect. The character was shot against blue matte without any camera movement and later composited in the CG Yamalok.

    For a particular sequence the old footage of the legendary Late N.T.Rama Rao Sr, was composited along with Jr. NTR (new footage). For this some footages from the old negatives (about 15-20 years old) were selected and scanned in 4K resolution for digital film restoration. After this colour balancing of new and old footage was done. Finally both the layers were composited for dialogue sequence and song sequence. For the dialogue sequence online compositing was used at the time of shooting the Jr.NTR footage for accurate eye matching and interaction. Similarly for the song sequence also used the same technique.

    In one particular shot a Club (Mace) being thrown by a character towards the hero is broken to pieces when the hero hits it. In this shot the camera and the character are in 360 degree movement. The Club was generated by computer graphics and composited. Sequences of Yama’s vehicle were composited against realistic cloud and matte paintings. For the climax sequence a digital model of the hero was created and used where he falls from a cliff of around 600 feet height.

    The falling of the digital character was composited in different camera angles with matte painted backgrounds. Apart from these major sequences Prasad EFX has done all other effects too.