Prasad Group to represent Panavision in India


MUMBAI: Prasad Group, one of India’s premier providers of film production and post-production services, and Panavision Inc., Australia, the designer and manufacturer of high-precision camera systems have entered into an agreement in Sydney recently.

Prasad Group managing director Ramesh Prasad says, “According to the arrangement we will be launching the Panavision range of equipment from 31 October in Mumbai. It will include full range of Sync sound cameras featuring the Millennium XL and Panaflex Platinum. Panavision’s equipments are the most desired by cinematographers worldwide. Prasad Group had recently sent its team to Australia to absorb and implement the same stringent procedures in India.”

For over 50 years, Panavision has set the standard for technological change within the industry itself and continues to lead the way in innovation, equipment rental and superior customer service. These Panavision cameras account for the majority of feature films shot around the world, notably Pirates of the Caribbean and the last years Oscar winning film for cinematography Memoirs of a Geisha. The digital Genesis debuted on one of this summer’s biggest releases, Warner Bros Superman Returns as well as Scary Movie 4 and Click. Movies currently in production with the Genesis include Apocalypto, Flyboys, A Tiger’s Tale, Empty City, Next and The Lookout, amongst others.

Panavision focuses on providing the highest quality lenses to support their camera systems, introducing the PRIMO lens series in 1987, and following with a set of PRIMO Zooms. This family of optics is still the only lens line in the world with prime and zoom optics color matched to provide a cohesive look scene to scene.

Over the years Panavision has garnered acclaim for its products from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with three Oscars, and 23 other Academy Awards granted for Scientific and Technical Achievement. Panavision’s work with the television industry has been rewarded with five Emmy statuettes.

Prasad Group is a 50-year-old pioneer and has delivered quality solutions to a host of feature films in India including recent blockbusters like Rang de Basanti, Parineeta, Alag, Krrish and Don. It provides all the services required for film post production and an array of equipment apart from the Panavision range including Arri Cameras, Giraffe Crane, Megamount, Nero Motion Control Rig and a range of lenses and accessories.