Preity Zinta’s Heaven on Earth to release as Videsh in India


MUMBAI: B R Films and director Deepa Mehta’s latest venture titled Heaven on Earth internationally is going to be called Videsh for the Indian territory. The film will release in March and will be released in both Hindi and Punjabi.

The movie stars Preity Zinta and introduces Vansh Bhardwaj. The film has already released in Canada. Zinta also won the best actress award at the Chicago film festival for her performance in Heaven on Earth.

BR Films CEO Sanjay Bhutiani says, "We did not want our Indian audiences to misinterpret the title Heaven on Earth to be an English film. Hence we changed the film’s name to Videsh as this would connect well with the Indian audiences."

The film is going to be released in both Hindi as well as Punjabi.