Premiere of marathi film Matichya Chuli

MATICHYA CHULI Premiere in Mumbai Attended by Narayan Rane – Anil Deshmukh – Kiran Shantaram

It was a grand Premiere attended by politicians and artists from the Marathi Film fertanity. The guest who were present for the premiere were Mrs. Raj Thackrey, Director N. Chandra, Kavita Lad, Neena Kulkarni, Resham Tipnis, Shivaji Satman. The whole team of the film that is Mrs Sridevi from G.V.Films Ltd., Mr.Balagiri from Sidhesh Films, Mahesh Manjerakar, Sachin Khedekar and Daboo Malik.

Mr. Narayan Rane was in full praise of the movie he stated that the during his tenure as Chief Minister the audience were around 15 lacs but now it has increased to 30-35 lacs. And also added that Marathi drama is good but the Marathi cinema the quality is also improving, and is looking forward for more quality movies in future. He liked the movie so much that he had watched the entire movie canceling all his meetings.

Mr. Anil Deshmukh had appreciated the movie saying that the movie was really mind blogging, he too had seen the entire movie. Mr. Kiran Shantaram stated that in his theatre Marathi film is shown at the night show but it is the first time that Matichya Chuli will be shown at 6.30 show.

The film stars Sanjay Mone, Vandana Gupte, Madura Velankar, Ankush Choudhary. Director Sudesh Manjrekar and Atul Kale were also present for the premiere.

It is a G.V. Films Ltd and Sidhesh Films Pvt. Ltd’s presentation, who have ventured into Marathi Film Industry with this movie. Mr. Balagiri, Managing Director & Chairman of Sidhesh Films Pvt. Ltd. stated that this was just a start and that they will be coming with more Marathi films in future.

Sidhesh Films Pvt. Ltd’s has already completed three Bollywood films – Kisse Pyaar Karoon, The White Land, & Brides Wanted that is schedule to release shortly. Mr. Mahadevan Ganesh, Chairman of G.V. Films Ltd. (the company’s main objective is production & distribution of feature films in various languages made a niche for themselves in the Tamil, Hindi & Telegu film industry has ventured into Marathi films) stated that this movie has given them the entry in Marathi Film Industry, they have plans to come out with more Marathi films having known what the Marathi audience wants; they are confident in giving the audience value for their money.

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