PremierWorld Technology launches 4D theatre technology in India


    MUMBAI: PremierWorld Technology has announced the availability of their 4D theatres with Motionchair technology. The Motionchair is a pneumatically operated motion base with four cinema types seats that incorporate built in SFX.


    PremierWorld already offers a range of Virtual Reality Theatres and Experiences based on hydraulic motion bases. However in the quest to offer more installation flexibility and especially where access and head room are limited the Motionchair has been introduced. Motionchair installations optimize the use of space – more seats in a given area and more flexibility as to the number of seats starting as low as eight and going all the way to hundreds of seats in a theatre.


    Pneumatics or compressed air is the most popular driving medium for this type of seat worldwide. It has the advantages of: low power and low running cost, flexibility in installing the pneumatic power unit which requires very little space, clean and low noise, virtually no heat is generated and its gives an excellent quality ride.


    Motionbase is a genuine 3 degrees of freedom (DOF) motion base. It is easy to verify this as it has three cylinders. There are often misleading claims as to the number of DOF but it is easy to verify – unless the product has three cylinders or motors it is not 3DOF.


    Motionbase gives a powerful fast ride and motion that riders appreciate. Theatres have not less than twelve dramatic and exciting SFX. A High Definition picture gives realism and the DynamicVision 3D system is specially engineered for motion viewing as the 3D image remains strong and dynamic whatever the position of the viewer’s head – and in a PremierWorld 4D theatre there is a lot of movement.