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Be a screen writer!

Be a Screen writer! And you can!
If you just think for a while!
“There are 3 things needed to make a good film – SCRIPT, SCRIPT and SCRIPT”
– Alfred Hitchcock, Filmmaker

Mumbai, 29th May: Movies are successful due to several reasons, but the most important is the story. The movies you loved most, the featured characters that swept you off your feet, captivated your emotions, got you involved in the film, all have been backed by a very powerful foundation – Good Writing!.

What goes unnoticed to many viewers, but is usually indicated by the box office collections of a movie is the strength, or lack of, the script. If the director is the captain of the ship, the writer is the ship-maker. If he does not build a strong ship, the captain can do nothing but silently witness the ship break apart mid-sea and sink …

Hence, we believe that time has come when film, television & media houses the world over are ready to back ONLY those movies which have strong stories and screenplay. And it’s big business. Develop your writing skills and you could be as successful, as famous, and as financially rewarded as any of the top-paid actors or directors of today.

Subhash Ghai, Chairman & Founder Whistling Woods International says

“SCREEN WRITING is one of the most lucrative professions in HOLLYWOOOD. Producers chase them… Directors depend on them… Stars respect them… and the audience loves them. ” He further adds, “International Actors look for a good script and their role in a film and not who the producer or director is! Even the best of directors look for a great script to make a great movie & its the same with all the major Hollywood Studios as this is what assures them a great fortune. Then why not in India? There was a time in India when there were star writers such as Mulk Raj Anand and Salim Javed who would get top billing – were paid as much or often times more than the star actors and directors. I think the time has come back now where the Film Industry realizes the importance of good writers and they will undoubtedly be the most respected and well-paid profession in filmmaking.”

“Today, Indian entertainment and media Industry with 800 movies under production per year, 300 growing TV channels, 330 radio stations, and 250 event management companies is starving of creative writers. Any Genuine Production company, Mukta Arts included, would happily pay a good amount for a good script for its multi-crore movie because it gets them best of stars, directors and finally success at the box office.”

“However, good writing needs support – literature, creative environment, writing techniques, technology, and development of potential or latent talent. One’s natural, inborn talent can sustain some writers for a few years, but more writers than not do run out of creative ideas, expression sooner or later. In order to augment one’s longevity as creative screen writer, a good screenwriting program at a Film training institute is pretty much a must. And at Whistling Woods International, that’s exactly what we offer.”

“I strongly believe, WRITERS are going to be the stars of tomorrow – and with this belief we have created a platform “WHISTLING WOODS’ an international institute in Film, Television and Media Arts with world-class curriculum and faculty who are some of the top professionals of the entertainment industry and the Dean who is a filmmaker and academician from Los Angeles. WWI is also looking to support students with merit with scholarships, loans and internships.”

Mukta Arts Limited invites writers who are keen to learn the art and craft of screenplay writing by going through an extensive 2 year program at Whistling Woods International an institute for film, television, animation & media arts at Film City, Mumbai.

The applicant could be a feature journalist, a film critic, a copy writer, a story writer, a playwright, a television serial writer, or any other professional writer with a tremendous zeal & knack of writing. Graduates are preferred and shall be evaluated by the WWI selection panel.

Further, deserving candidates may be supported by Mukta Arts financially through loans, scholarships, contracts*.

*Conditions Apply

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