Prime Focus adds special effects to Naksha

MUMBAI: Debutant director Sachin Bajaj’s Naksha has teamed up with Prime Focus Ltd. to incorporate visual effects in the film. The film has 20 minutes of visual effects for which a team of 60 people worked for six months.

Bajaj says, “Prime Focus has done a good job with the visual effects of my film. They were also present on the sets to supervise the scenes in which visual effects were required.”

The story of Naksha revolves around the search of a map, which will lead the protagonists to a treasure that can make a man invincible. The film genre is termed to be as ‘adventurous’. Action director Allan Amin has made Sunny Deol, Viviek Oberoi and Sameera Reddy jump from a 2000 feet cliff and water rafting in rapids without doubles.

The film has incorporated 3D computer graphics, animation and many other visual effects. A particular action sequence that has been shot in the studios where Sunny Deol, Viviek Oberoi and Sameera Reddy are jumping across huge rocks and crossing a valley has been created on 3D computer graphics.

The film also has a cell animation sequence of two minutes where the story moves into flashback. The climax of the film has a scene wherein Jackie Shroff the villain of the film is dressed in golden armor has been enhanced in post production.

Sameera says, “Allan has done a wonderful job with the action and visual effects on that is going to be like an icing on the cake, which I can’t wait to see.”

In Naksha, Sunny Deol, who plays the role of a forest officer and his step brother Viviek Oberoi risk their lives to unravel the mysteries of a map hidden by their father. Sameera Reddy plays the role of a TV journalist who is out with the two brothers to shoot their adventure. Jackie Shroff is the ruthless killer in the film who has committed heinous crimes to search for the map that can make him invincible.

Producer Akshay Bajaj informs, “With a budget of Rs 200 million (Rs 20 crore) the film has been shot in Manali, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Mumbai, Thailand and New Zealand.”

The film will release on 8 September with approximately 400 prints.

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