Prime Focus, Bombino video library deal off

MUMBAI: The video library deal between Prime Focus and Bombino is off. Prime Focus, which has started its India video division some months back, was in the red. The company had acquired a library of English and Hindi titles owned by filmmaker Babloo Pachisia.


After a loss of more than of Rs 3 million (Rs 30 lakhs), Prime Focus was planning to sell its video library to Bombino. However, the deal has fallen apart.

Rafiq Latiwala, who manages Bombino Video Pvt. Ltd. and has set-up an office in Mumbai’s Santacruz area, says, “We did not find the deal profitable and were toying with the idea. Meanwhile, we found four good titles of old films at a good price and have added them in our kitty. They are Vinod Khanna, Tanuja starrer Imtihan; Kishore Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Kalpana and Mehmood starrer Pyar Kiye Jaa; Jeetendra, Mumtaz starrer Ek Nari Ek Brahmachari and Rajesh Khanna, Leena Chandavarkar’s Mehboob Ki Mehndi.”


Latiwala further adds, “We usually look at the entire world rights including India, Nepal and Bhutan for broadcasting in any form of medium like digital computer, telephony, web-internet, telecommunication, etc. In other words, the rights include distribution of content through communication i.e. through cable TV, including web-internet, homes, video parlours, hotels, closed circuit TV, networks, Microwave Multi Channel Distribution System (MMDS), etc; Video Copyrights (copying on Video Grams, Cassettes, Tapes, Digital Disc or any electromagnetic or other digital device); Web TV or Internet rights including  sub-titling, dubbing, high seas and air borne rights, all video copyrights, mobile phone, pay video on demand and all web-internet media rights, cyberspace, video internet, all electronic and multi media rights etc.”


“In the above deal all the television rights, satellite rights and theatrical in 35 mm and 16 mm are not included,” he adds.

Ashok Anchan

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