Prime Focus employs VFX for AirTel ad

MUMBAI: In telecom company Bharti Airtel’s latest TV commercial, where it promotes their new Google search platform, special effects have been infused by post-production specialists Prime Focus. 

The TVC has been created by Rediffusion DY&R, along with production house Equinox and the VFX were created by Prime Focus. 

The story for the TVC revolves around people from different parts of the world on a frantic hunt for the book of Solomon. They travel through the desert and other treacherous terrains, fighting all perils that confront them as they fight each other. To everyone’s utter disbelief, the book is found by a little girl who manages to find the book first by a simple Google search.  

Prime Focus creative director visual effects and design Sabu Jose said, “The Airtel advertisement required a lot of planning to achieve the right visual effects. Our primary task was to make every sequence realistically seem. The final shot featuring the Petra is a combination of still photographs merged with live shots taken in the studio. We then composited the high resolution pictures of the Petra to quickly do modifications like putting different high resolution pictures to match perspective, check lighting and do colour correction.”

Equinox producer Manoj Shroff added, “Airtel advertisements have been consistently acclaimed for their creative content, technically superior execution and strong consumer connect. The TVC needed an international feel to it and the message of the new search platform had to be strongly communicated. We are absolutely thrilled with the final product and are confident that the consumers will love the action packed commercial. The TVC was one of the most enjoyable ad films executed by us and Prime Focus did a fantastic and effortless job of making the commercial seem so real.”