Prime Focus India appoints Ramki Sankaranarayanan as CEO


MUMBAI: Prime Focus Technologies president and CEO Ramki Sankaranarayanan has now been appointed as the CEO Prime Focus India.

The appointment, which is effective immediately, will see Sankaranarayanan being responsible for all of the operations and business lines of Prime Focus in India, in addition to his role at Prime Focus Technologies.

Prime Focus founder and global CEO Namit Malhotra said, "As Prime Focus grows, both in India and internationally, it becomes increasingly important to ensure we have strong local leadership. Ramki has proven himself time and again through his successes with Prime Focus Technologies, and I am sure that under his leadership, Prime Focus India will not only continue to flourish, but will be driven to even greater levels of achievement. This move further strengthens our international management team, and also allows me to fully concentrate on Prime Focus’ global ambitions."

Sankaranarayanan has been with the Prime Focus group for over four years.

Sankaranarayanan said, "Prime Focus is enjoying dynamic growth – in India and internationally – but we must not rest on our laurels. Prime Focus has always been known as an innovator, and a leader in its sector, and my role is to ensure that we continue in this vein with new service offerings, new technological developments, the best creaative offering in the marketplace and even better levels of customer service. There are many opportunities for Prime Focus India – both domestically and internationally – and I look forward to leveraging these opportunities to take the company to greater heights."