Prime Focus invests in eyeon Fusion


    MUMBAI: Post production company Prime Focus Limited has invested in eyeon Fusion with the purchase and installation of 1000 seats worldwide, making them the world’s largest Fusion facility.

    Prime Focus managing director Namit Malhotra said, "eyeon Fusion is yet another addition to our portfolio of world class products. We are confident that this award-winning compositor will give that extra edge to our customers across the globe. As we expand our operations, eyeon Fusion will provide us with a perfect balance between a backroom power tool and a front room client station. With technologies like eyeon’s Fusion, we bring a higher level of quality, service, and experience for our clients while expanding our reach."

    Prime Focus has offices in Mumbai, Hollywood, New York, London, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Chennai and Hyderabad. Currently controlling over 60 per cent of India’s post production market, Prime Focus intends to grow with the same success in the European and North American markets, and has added Fusion to all pipelines in pursuit of this goal.

    With acquisitions of VTR Group, Clear, Blue, Frantic Films and Post Logic, Prime Focus has set up thousands of reliable compositing stations that span three continents thanks to Fusion’s full feature set and ability to deal with production problems not limited to one market or region. Prime Focus offers a complete suite of solutions, including grading, editing, optical effects, matte painting and now finishing with a pioneering compositor, Fusion.

    "Fusion is the only tool for us! Its robust toolset allows us to complete any job in whatever way our artists prefer to work. 64-bit and resolution independence are a God-send," said Prime Focus London head of Fusion Theodor Groeneboom.

    "These are exciting times for VFX in India, Hollywood and particularly for Prime Focus. With the powerful toolset fusion has, we aim to achieve a seamless integration across all our global locations and deliver world class service to our clients," said Prime Focus chief creative India and founder member Merzin Tavaria.

    PFL creative director Derek Moore added, "Fusion has revolutionized the way we tackle many visual effects. The way it handles 3D space, its great particle engine, and the super fast rotoscoping and keying tools allow us to take a lot of pressure off other departments."

    Celebrating its 20th year, Fusion offers a real 3D environment, 3D particles, 3D LUT’s, scripting and python support, OFX plug-in compatibility, customized scriptable plug-ins via Fuse, and versatile spline editing functionality, upgrading pipelines with better performance and reliability all in one multi-threaded 64-bit package.

    "The decision made by Prime Focus to standardize with Fusion confirms what eyeon has strived for from day one, to offer the best possible option for VFX compositing. More importantly, with a tremendous global influence and broad artist talent pool, Prime Focus has decided that Fusion is the only solution for VFX in every market, from feature film, gaming, broadcast, and motion graphics. A 1000 seat purchase spread across multiple offices around the world is extraordinary, and we are very lucky to be partnered with Prime Focus going forward." eyeon Software CEO Steve Roberts.