Prime Focus invests Rs 400 mn in equipment rental division


    MUMBAI: Prime Focus has invested a sum of Rs 400 million (Rs 40 crores) towards expansion of its Equipment Rental Division.

    The company will shift this division to a 10,000 sq ft facility at the strategically located Film City. Prime Focus has also appointed Hindi film cinematographer Kamalakar Rao as CTO of the EQR division to head the consulting and support functions for the division.

    Prime Focus founder and global CEO Namit Malhotra said, "As the Indian entertainment segment enters the global landscape, it becomes imperative for our film makers to produce films that are technologically advanced and aesthetically superior. Our EQR division today boasts of an unmatched range of best-of-breed camera equipments and maintenance services to meet the growing demands of the Indian film fraternity. Having established our leadership position in post production and visual effects services across Indian film markets, we are now looking at replicating this success for our EQR division as well. Our new facility not only makes us better suited to service the Bollywood film makers, but also provide us with strong inroads to tap a larger fraternity of Hyderabad and Chennai film markets and Indian ad film makers."

    Prime Focus has a range of rental equipment available, from film and HD cameras, to lenses to lighting kit. The new facility also has an in-house state-of-the-art maintenance department making Prime Focus the only supplier in the country to provide technical support with camera rental services.

    In addition to film cameras, Prime Focus provides high definition digital shooting with the latest Sony HDCAM SR technology with Canon block lenses and Panasonic Varicam for budget sensitive projects.

    The facility will also provide video cameras in Digital Betacam and HDV formats to shoot TV serials and multi camera shooting with online switching for events and shows.