Prime Focus launches web-based media asset management service


    MUMBAI: Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) has launched CLEAR, a web-based media asset management service to help film studios, broadcasters and advertisers more efficiently manage their content and workflows. CLEAR manages the entire lifecycle of content from production to distribution, and offers a secure, fast and reliable digital delivery platform for advertising and entertainment content.

    PFT has also launched CLEAR Live, a video-on-demand (VOD) package and creation service which can deliver custom VOD packages from live feeds in less than three minutes to new media platforms – including web, mobile, IPTV and catch-up TV.

    CLEAR is a customizable and scalable subscription service, requiring no upfront capital expenditure. Clients benefit from a single point of contact and substantially reduced production and delivery times and costs. It allows organisations to preserve content and manage workflows that span geographies, helping advertisers and ad agencies roll out global or regional print and television advertising campaigns. CLEAR provides custom support for client business driven meta data models, processes, workflows and applications.

    "In the digital media world, the management of content, processes and interactions is key. With CLEAR, such workflow items can be managed across locations and the platform is customised to increase productivity. This is particularly pertinent at a time when companies are looking to cut costs and generate new revenue streams, while changes in the way content is produced and managed call for increased collaboration and efficiencies," said PFT president and CEO Ramki Sankaranarayanan.

    CLEAR ensures that content is available across time zones and geographies without the need for round-the-clock IT support staff. It’s built on open standards, enabling integration with in-house systems and software, and is composed of four main components: Media asset management, Digital archiving, Presentation and Digital preparation and delivery.