Prime Focus Technologies launches Domain Centric Cloud

    Mumbai: Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) has launched the world’s first Domain Centric Cloud (DCC), which will benefit the global broadcast industry. This DCC connects broadcasters, content suppliers & playout origination centres and has already revolutionised Indian broadcast industry.

    With the DCC operational in India, broadcasters are able to connect directly with pre-built business processes and technology infrastructures and reap the benefits of being part of a Digital Media Supply Chain without having to suffer costly, capital expenditure heavy, design and implementation projects associated with other platforms. PFT specialises in handling the service activities for broadcasters such as QC, transcoding and mastering that are time-consuming and expensive processes for broadcasters to undertake. PFT’s services enable the broadcaster to concentrate on the creative process and dedicate their time and resource to producing high quality content.

    Consisting of a captive high-speed multi-vendor, redundant network, content upload CLEAR Edge devices, the CLEAR Hybrid Cloud Platform and managed services for content logistics, the Domain Centric Cloud serves multiple purposes for different stakeholders. Content suppliers can use it to push TX masters, unmixed masters, rushes and rough cuts directly to their clients. Distributors are able to leverage the several gigabytes of bandwidth available so they can distribute their licensed content (which can either be pushed or pulled to its final destination). Broadcasters supply their finished material directly to TV playout origination locations and new media platforms. PFT has created the Broadcast Hub for those clients not already connected to the DCC; a combined post-production, content services and ingest hub.

    STAR TV has moved to the DCC, switching to concurrent operations and going HD at the same time. Leading production companies and play out origination locations have joined them on the DCC. Other broadcasters including Zee, Sun, Sony, Turner, Eenadu and Network 18 are also connected and use the service to receive TV spots ready for play out origination operations.

    “This has been a revelation for the industry. Having the ability to deliver HD or SD content at high speed to multi-platforms is a huge advantage for broadcasters and they are now reaping the enormous benefits of switching to file-based workflows, such as greater efficiency in terms of costs and time, and creative enablement. With the interest generated from within the industry, and with new organisations joining the ever-expanding Cloud, we are committed to creating  domain centric clouds in international markets,” said Prime Focus Technologies president and CEO Ramki Sankaranarayanan.