Prime Focus wins EME Awards for its VFX expertise

    MUMBAI: Prime Focus has won two EME Awards (Excellence In Media & Entertainment) for VFX (general) for the best film content – Guzaarish (VFX creative director- Merzin, VFX supervisor- Reupal Rawal) and VFX for the best TV content – Indigo Airlines’ On Time advertisement (VFX creative director- Merzin, VFX supervisor- Mahesh Baria).
     Jointly organised by Ananda Bazar Patrika group and ASSOCHAM, this award function took place on F 19 February, 2011, at Kolkata.
    Prime Focus co-founder & chief creative director (India) Merzin Tavaria says, “We are truly honoured with this award and would like to stress that we are getting all these awards and getting nominated in a lot others, because of our talented team of artists who are truly passionate about their work. There is a strong yen of pushing ourselves to become the best and to keep creating benchmarks which are to be broken by none other but us. It is a great satisfaction to deliver good quality work and be able to exceed our clients’ expectations and these awards are a testimonial to that.”
    Speaking about Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish, Prime Focus sr. VFX supervisor Reupal Rawal said,  “It helped to visualize and plan a complete look and feel of the movie when we were involved in the project right from the start of production. With this project we have proved that Prime Focus knows how to utilise its creativity and technology in the best possible way to showcase the filmmaker’s vision on the big screen.”
    Talking about the Indigo Airlines’ On Time advertisement, Prime Focus VFX supervisor Mahesh Baria said, “It was quite a challenging job to create CG characters and place them with live characters and make them all move realistically. We had to match the live action camera movement with the simulated one and make it look as seamless as possible within the given length of the shot. The purpose was to make it all very stylish and real and a team of over 10 artists delivered this stylish ad campaign On Time in 2 weeks.”