Pritish Nandy acquires remake rights of Sholay


    MUMBAI: Even as Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, which has been inspired by the timeless classic Sholay, is slated for a release tomorrow (30 August), Pritish Nandy Communications has bought the remake rights of the original from Sholay Media & Entertainment, which is the right holder of the Sholay franchise.

    Sholay was produced by Sippy Films and released in 1975. The film ran for five and a half years, breaking all box office records at that time.

    PNC, which is also getting aggressive on the animation front has also acquired the rights to make an animation version of Sholay as well as a full length prequel and a sequel, making four films in all.

    The two companies willl work together to jointly develop the Sholay franchise worldwide. While production on the animation version of Sholay will commence soon, the official remake is scheduled to go into pre-production before the end of the year.