Pritish Nandy Communications ups Bobbie Ghosh as COO


MUMBAI: Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd has promoted the company’s vice president, production services Bobbie Ghosh as COO.

From the current financial year, Pritish Nandy Communications has altered its operating structure from a linear one to a parallel one. Each team will now manage projects – films, events, new media plans and internet driven formats, on a turnkey basis from conceptualization to release and will be headed by a team manger. The team managers will report to Ghosh and therein to PNC creative director Rangita Nandy.

Ghosh will report to PNC director and CEO Pallab Bhattacharya on all matters relating to operations, while he will continue reporting to Rangita Nandy on matters relating to production.

“The idea is to use my 12-year experience in the production and execution space to further develop production operations, our new media plans and revenue models, our entry into the distribution and exhibition space,” Ghosh says.

Ghosh has been with the company since 2001 when he joined as general manager, channel sales. “In the distribution space I will support our CEO, Pallab Bhattacharya in acquiring new movies and their release. Exhibition is one area that all of us at PNC are working at extremely enthusiastically because with a footprint in all three areas – productions, distribution and exhibition, we would have managed to lock-in the three most critical areas in the value chain,” he adds.

Additionally, The Times of India Group’s tabloid Mumbai Mirror’s assistant editor and Sunday columnist Ram Kamal Mukherjee, has also joined PNC as vice president, special projects. He will report to Rangita Nandy and work on new media strategy and PNC’s upcoming cinematic projects and their casting.