Priyadarshan roots for cricket at IPL match


MUMBAI: Director Priyadarshan was a man of mixed emotions on Sunday night. While he was hugely disappointed that the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchisee, Chennai Super Kings, a team that he was supporting, lost last night to Kings XI Punjab, he was overcome with happiness as his home city, Kochi won a successful bid for an IPL franchisee.

Talking about his first love, Priyadarshan said, "I had specially made time for this match and we were sure that CSK would win as they have never lost to the Kings XI Punjab in the last five encounters, and this time too, we would have won, but for some really lackadaisical batting at the death."

A keen follower of the game, few know that the director harboured aspirations of being a cricketer. But now that his home will have a franchisee, Priyadarshan is more than happy to do what he can for the sport. He said, "I will be there for my Kochi team, being present for all matches whenever I can."

The director had Southern actress Trisha for company, whilst watching the match. When Priyan was asked, if he would ever make a film on cricket, the answer was, "Absolutely not. Just because I am a director who loves cricket that does not mean I will make a film on cricket. Let me stick to what I am good at, and the audiences can come to the stadiums to see the thrills of a cricket match."

On that note, Priyan left for his editing studio where his latest film with Ajay Devgn and Bipasha Basu is being edited.