Priyanka Chopra ill; takes 2 days off from What’s Your Rashee?


MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra is under the weather and has been advised complete bed rest by her physician. The concerned director Ashutosh Gowarikar, immediately cancelled shooting for the film.

Chopra, who hates being sick, had been suffering from high temperature for the past three days. A close friend of the actress confided, “With fever of almost 104 degrees wracking her body, Priyanka had no other choice but to heed the doctor’s advice. Even when she was shooting for Dostana, she fell ill. However then, with the set going to be dismantled the following day, she got her physician to the set. After he had administered injections, Priyanka was able to complete shooting her portions for the day. But as there was no deadline for What’s Your Rashee? Priyanka was able to rest for two days.”

The actress is up and about now … and all’s well that ends well.