Priyanka Chopra injures herself


MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra conceals her hurt and burns, well. The recipient of all the best actress awards, this year burnt her knee, with boiling hot water. Showing her burn, Priyanka said, “I was nursing a cold and decided to do a little bit of steam inhalation. Unfortunately the boiling hot water fell on my knee and from the knee to mid shin, the flesh got burnt.”

Irrespective of the burn, the actress has been going about her duties and shoots.

Chopra remarked, “I had to shoot the following day for What’s your Rashee? And then there were the Filmfare Awards and Amu’s wedding party to attend. I usually wear short dresses, but I wore a full length gown to the Awards, to conceal the wound.”

Notwithstanding, the actress then shot for a soap commercial. But she had to skip the water shoots as her left knee could not be exposed to water.