Priyanka Chopra modelled on Asha Parekh in Kunal Kohli’s film

Priyanka Chopra
MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra is going all out to make sure her character of an actress from the 1960s, in Kunal Kohli’s untitled love story with Shahid Kapoor rings a hundred percent true. Priyanka’s character is apparently modeled on the 1960’s most successful heroine Asha Parekh.
Priyanka  spent time with the senior iconic actress who in her heydays was known as the Jubilee Queen because of her almost unbroken stream of hits in the 1960s. Asha Parekh was also a huge trend-setter and fashion icon. Little wonder that while playing an actress from the 1960s  Priyanka’s role-model is the go-go-girl Asha Parekh.
Both Priyanka and her dress designer Manish Malhotra visited Asha Parekh at her residence. They had a lengthy tete-a-tete during which Manish discussed fads, fashion, trends of the 60s and, yes, body stockings with the actress who made generations soon with her iconic look in Teesri Manzil, Jab Pyar Kissise Hota Hai, Caravan, Pyar Ka Mausam and Aan Milo Sajna. Apparently Manish was specially keen to know about the body stockings that actresses of Asha Parekh’s generation wore to cover the body-parts that were left uncovered by their costumes.
In Kunal Kohli’s film Priyanka will be seen in those body stockings of the 1960s that Asha Parekh, Helen and the  other actresses of the decade wore for modesty’s sake during dance numbers.
Confirming these interesting fashion developments in Priyanka’s screen life Asha Parekh said, "Yes, I met Priyanka at a function. She was keenly interested in knowing about my clothes and makeup in the 60s and she told  me she wants to meet me araam se for her look. Manish Malhotra came home. We had a long chat on my clothes, hair makeup etc. He wanted to know my sartorial habits when I shot in the 1960s. For example did I cover myself  after a shot if I wore a revealing costume and did I drape myself with a dupatta while walking from the makeup room to the set. But I hardly ever wore anything revealing! Yes he did ask me about body stockings and how frequently they were used,and why."
Priyanka is expected to visit Asha Parekh soon to discuss the retro look and go through her old pictures for fashion tips.
Is  the iconic actress of the 1960s flattered  to be a role-model for Priyanka Chopra?
Laughs Ashaji, "I don’t know about this. But I do know that the retro look is back. Whatever fashion statements we actresses made in the 1960s and 70s are being echoed today. That’s a good thing. But I only wish the retro look wouldn’t be hampered by too much body exposure. Even Sharmilaji wore a bikini in the 1960s and she looked so lovely in it. But today I find there’s physical exposure just for the heck of it."