Priyanka Chopra to record music album with Katy Perry


katy priyanka

MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra always claimed that when she’d decide to sing it would be done on a scale never attempted before.

She is living up to her promise.

Priyanka’s singing debut gets bigger by the day. She’s currently in the US recording her ambitious music album which has several notable international artistes pitching in.

The latest musician to pitch in for Priyanka’s warbling wisdom is the American recording superstar Katy Perry.

We hear from very reliable sources that Perry who is currently one of the three hottest-selling American artistes, will join Priyanka for a duet in the album.

Says the source, “Priyanka met Katy at the IPL match when the latter was over in India.They hit it off instantly and even tweeted to one another about girlie preoccupations.Thereafter Priyanka decided to invite Katy into her album. Katy gladly joined in.”

Though Priyanka remained unavailable for comment and her business manager chose to be non-commital , our source tells us that Priyanka’s music album will be completed by the end of August. Thereafter she returns to start shooting with Ramcharan Teja for Zanjeer.

In an earlier interview Priyanka had told, “Singing is part of my life. My father is a very good singer. Yeah, I want to sing professionally. But when I cut an album it would have to be something really special. I’ll do it only I am completely confident of my abilities as a singer.”

Looks like Priyanka found the right moment.