PTC Punjabi launches in Canada on Rogers


MUMBAI: PTC Punjabi has launched in Canada on Rogers Cable’s Channel 693.

The 24-hour channel brings premium programming for Punjabi community in Canada.

"PTC Punjabi will help the Punjabi community in Canada connect with Punjab and Punjabi community around the world. We are committed to bring Gurbani to the Punjabi community in Canada, and have several shows of interest to the community that include "Tirchi Nazar" featuring prominent guests from Canada and "NRI World", a weekly round up on community news and happenings. Live events from India including "PTC PUNJABI Music Awards", "Miss PTC Punjabi" "Voice of Punjab", "PTC Punjabi Film Awards" and "World Kabaddi Cup" will be broadcast in Canada. Plans to air live events from Canada are in development and many other shows already popular in India will also be broadcast including Masters, Daddy Kamal Bacche Dhamaal, Guftagu based on walk-the-talk format, Straight Talk, a hard hitting talk show with political and community leaders," said PTC Punjabi Network co-founder and COO Rajiee M. Shinde.

Apart from Canada, PTC Punjabi is available in the US on Dish Network Channel No. 604, Australia on KonnecTV Channel No. 03. In UK, PTC Bulletins are aired on Music India.