PVR Cinemas launches new property in Mumbai


Mumbai: PVR has opened another multiplex in Mumbai comprising seven mainstream digital auditoriums with a total capacity of 1847 seats, situated at Phoenix Mills Compound, Lower Parel named as PVR Phoenix Mill.

The PVR Phoenix Mill is owned by CR Retail Malls (India), a wholly owned subsidiary of PVR Limited. The new multiplex has 2k digital cinema, compliant with DCI technology, advanced sound and picture quality, digital technology slated to bridge the demand supply gap (movie prints vis-s-vis no. of sets) at no additional distribution costs. The technology enables wide releases of a movie, ensuring better return on investments, helpful in curbing piracy which is widely prevalent in India in the absence of right technology.

The opening of the multiplex makes PVR’s screen count in Mumbai to 24 and the total screen count would go up to 108 at 26 locations across 14 cities in nine states and one Union Territory.

The company is also in the process of applying to the Mumbai State Government for exemption of entertainment tax.