PVR goes green on World Environment Day


MUMBAI: On the occassion of World Environment Day on 5 June, PVR’s CSR arm PVR Nest has launched a green drive in Mumbai, using technology for an environmentally sustainable future.

In order to highlight issues like global warming, climate change, pollution, health and to reinforce the importance of conservation of environment in our surroundings, PVR Nest will launch a 15-day campaign to generate public consciousness and actions on the above. Besides, PVR Nest will also plant trees in their premise that is an endeavor to demonstrate environmental conservation practices in and around PVR Cinemas Halls.

Beside, there will also be a special screening of An Inconvenient Truth, which is part of the Green Films initiative of PVR – a program for advocating environmental issues through films at PVRs, especially for children.

PVR Ltd manager CSR Deepa Menon said, “Clean and green environment is every individual’s responsibility. We all should aim to contribute as an individual/sensitive citizen towards making our environment clean, green and healthy. Dedicating just one day as World Environment Day is not enough, but it should be adopted in our daily practices. In order to ensure that the people of Mumbai enjoy a safer and more prosperous future, we thought of providing the Mumbaikars with free saplings. We are also working towards extending this initiative to other parts of the country as well.”