PVR to release India’s first reverse film

Mumbai: The PVR Group is set to release Rewind, India’s first reverse film in PVR cinemas. The seven-minute film will be screened in theatres as a bonus film prior to Be Kind Rewind in PVR.  

Rewind is a short feature that has won international acclaim and will first release this May in Mumbai with Michel Gondry’s fun riot Be Kind Rewind starring Jack Black. Gondry is the acclaimed director of the academy award winning Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

With the release of Rewind, PVR Pictures is trying to provide a platform to a significant experimental film that wouldn’t otherwise reach out to the discerning cinegoer in theatres.

With this aim in mind, PVR will also bring to India Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day directed by India-born Bharat Nalluri. Starring Frances Mc Dormand and Amy Adams, this film too has won rave reviews internationally apart from winning at the box office.

Producer Ketan Gohil is upbeat, "PVR has always provided a platform for good cinema. It is a matter of great pride that the same company, which produced Taare Zameen Par, is releasing Rewind. Rewind has seen the best of festivals, has been taken over for international distribution by the largest short film distributor in the world (Shorts International), and now, thanks to PVR, is also releasing theatrically in India. The only stop left for us to make is the Oscars. God willing, we will cross that frontier too."

"It is extremely gratifying that Rewind is seeing this kind of success. We are really grateful to PVR for releasing the film theatrically. Now the film can be seen on the big screen. That is the way we wanted the film to be viewed, unlike say on a DVD", says writer-director Atul Taishete.