PVR to release NDTV Lumière’s Three Monkeys


Mumbai: On 19 September NDTV Lumière will release Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Turkish film Three Monkeys theatrically in PVR Cinemas across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Three Monkeys has not had a theatrical release in any other country yet. The introspective film on the breakdown of a family was screened at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and won the award for the Best Director.

Three Monkeys focuses on a close-knit family of four, a couple, their son and the husband’s boss. The movie shows how the family opts to stick together by playing the blind, deaf and dumb to problems that should in all logic split them apart. The movie showcases an emotional and psychological situation put together and a plot loaded with the violence of complicated events evolving four main characters.

Ceylan has shot the film in high-definition video images lending a vaguely surreal air to the film’s hot summer costal setting. The film has been dramatized to bring out the abstract thoughts, beliefs and conceptual conflicts which deeply engage our minds by personifying them in these characters.