‘Q’ueing up for Kilcher

MUMBAI :Q’Orianka Kilcher is a 14 year old actress from the Oscar nominated film The New World which released in India on Friday. Kilcher already won The National Board of Review Award for the Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actress for her entrancing role as a graceful Pocahontas in filmmaker Terrence Mallick’s movie The New World.

Kilcher beat back 3000 other girls who auditioned for the role including our very own Gauri Karnik.Initially Kilcher was almost rejected for the role and was stunned when producer Sarah Green called her to tell her that she was doing the film.

Kilcher a home school ninth grader whose name in the in the ancient South American Adeean language translates as Golden Eagle had faced some tough competition from 30 year olds as well. Q’Orianka Kilcher also managed to rub lips with Hollywood star Colin Farrell – her hero in the movie.

Kilcher says that Farell did surprise her with his instincts, but was quite supportive and giving. “He’s been very impulsive and willing to take risks in his acting and just everything,” she says.Talking about the director Terrence Mallick she says, “He is indeed a very astonishing, impulsive leader who allows his actors to do their own thing!”

The German born Kilcher is the daughter of a backpacking human rights activist and a Peruvian artist and designs her own clothes and jewellery, and is working towards getting her own fashion line, called Generation Q.

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