Raaz all India release held up due to Nizam territory terms


    (Updated on: 22 January, 2009 at 5:20 pm)

    Mumbai: Sony Pictures Entertainment, the distributors of Raaz The Mystery Continues decided the terms for the revenue share of the movie, with the multiplexes.

    While the revenue share terms for all India were settled between Sony Pictures and the exhibitors this morning, there has been a holdup for the Nizam territory. Sony Pictures has sold the Nizam territory rights of the movie to a local distributor and that distributor in turn is looking at a share of 50:40 and 40:60.

    Due to this, the multiplexes have again kept the all India release of the movie on hold till matters are settled. 

    Sony Pictures and exhibitor had reached an agreement on revenue sharing terms of 45:55, 35:65 for the first and second week respectively for an all India basis, with an exception of a few cities where terms may be lower or higher.

    Sony Pictures Entertainment managing director Kercy Daruwala, confirmed the revenue share terms, but refused to comment any further on the matter.

    In case the movie does exceptionally well at the box office, the terms may be revised to 48:52 and 38:62 for the first and second week respectively.