Raj Kundra gate crashed Shilpa Shetty’s baby shower


shilpa shetty

MUMBAI: Raj Kundra who was too eager to see the celebration ceremony of his wife Shilpa Shetty, gatecrashed the party.

"It felt fantastic, I felt like Kishen Kanhaiya amongst so many women. I gatecrashed. I said, I have also contributed to this, so I also want to go to this party. It was very nice. Shamita organised it really well and Kiran Bawa and Rupali Shah also contributed to this wonderful baby shower," said the 36-year-old businessman.

When asked if he desired a baby boy or a girl, Raj said: "Everyone asks me do you want a boy or a girl? I really don’t mind, it should be a healthy baby. But whatever it is this time, I want its opposite the next time."