Rajeev Khandelwal accredited first asst director of Aamir


Mumbai: Rajeev Khandelwal adds another feather to his cap with his debut film Aamir. Apart from being the lead actor in this UTV Spotboy film, he also gets an official credit as the first assistant director of the film.

Director Rajkumar Gupta and producer Vikas Behl have decided to give Rajeev the official credit of being the First AD of the film.

Says Rajkumar, "Rajeev was always proactive about every thing that was happening on the sets, and since we were shooting in the real locations of Mumbai with the hidden cameras on the streets Rajeev never got the opportunity of using vanity vans, he was himself suppose to take care of his make up, clothes, etc and most of the time he used to do his make up in autorickshaws and taxis."

Adds Rajeev, "Yes, since we were shooting in narrow streets, sometimes on the roads where it was too crowded and the place was too compact to accommodate many people, I decided to do the clap myself and also call action. I am happy that Rajkumar found me considerable enough to give me the credit of Assistant Director for the film… he is a very easygoing director and always made me feel comfortable. I enjoyed each and every day shooting for Aamir. It was a very learning and enriching experience for me."