Rajnikanth to resume shooting in September

Rajnikanth to resume shooting in September
RaRajnikanth to resume shooting in September
Rajnikanth to resume shooting in September
RaRajnikanth to resume shooting in September

MUMBAI: Deepika Padukone and Sonu Sood, who play stellar roles with Rajnikanth in Rana, have been asked to keep their dates free in September.

Rajnikanth, who’s back home and recuperating at his farm-house in the outskirts of Chennai, is yet to recover fully. In fact his medical treatment continues.

For his legion of fans who thought Rajnikanth returned home on Wednesday fully recovered, there is some sobering news. The mega-star’s treatment will continue for some time in Chennai. A whole team of medicals experts had flown in from Chennai to Sinagapore to take over Rajnikanth’s medical treatment.

A source tells Businessofcinema.com, “The team of doctors in Singapore have apprised Rajni’s excellent medical team from Chennai. The second phase of his treatment begins now. Going by how fit and agile Rajni looked when he de-boarded the commercial flight on  Chennai airport no one would think he hadn’t fully recovered.”

“Rajnikanth looked at least five years younger on his return from Singapore than he had done when he had left. He walked faster than his entire his entire entourage and when he was informed that he couldn’t leave the airport through the normal exit since there were 10,000 people waiting for him, he sprinted faster than all the airport staff to the exit through the VIP lounge,” the source added.

Interestingly the entire congregation of fans had reached the VIP exit by the time Rajnikanth and his family came out through there.

“He insisted on meeting and greeting the fans. Then he left for his residence in Chennai. After one night there he was expected to  head to his farm-house for a month’s rest,” says the source.

One of the first persons that Rajnikanth met in Chennai on landing was his Rana director K S Ravikumar, who was assured that the project would start sooner than later.

“Rana is not just another film for Rajni. It’s his do-or-die project where his fans have to believe his illness has not diminished his heroic powers. He has made it clear to the director he will do all the stunts himself,” the source says.

When told that Deepika would not accept any other South Indian project until Rana was complete, Rajnikanth is supposed to have said, “Why tie her down? She is so beautiful and so much in-demand. She should work in other Tamil films.”