Rajnikanth won’t resume shooting for Rana till September


    MUMBAI: Superstar Rajnikanth, who is out of the hospital, is now recuperating in a rented apartment in Singapore resting, enjoying time with his family, swimming and doing yoga.

    Says a source close to the mega-star, “Rajniji has fully recovered. Now he just needs to relax, let his body heal and recuperate its energy. He’s doing power yoga every morning and even swimming because there is an attached pool in their apartment. Most of all Rajniji is enjoying this time away from work with his family. He hasn’t had time away with his wife, daughters and son-in-law for years. So the illness, Rajniji jokes, was God’s excuse to turn him into a family man.”

    However rumours of resumed shooting are completely squashed by the source. “The next schedule of Rana will only start in September. We’re not taking any risks. We’re just happy he’s well again. We’ve shot just s song sequence with Deepika Padukone and Rajniji. Now we go into a long spell in September after he recovers fully.”