Rajshri Media inks content syndication deal with Joost.com


    MUMBAI: Rajshri Media has inked a content syndication deal with online web video service Joost.com.

    Through the partnership with Joost, Rajshri Media will syndicate its library of bollywood programming including full-length feature films, music videos, TV shows and made-for-web programming like Akbar Birbal Remixed series.

    Rajshri’s content is being streamed for free on http://www.joost.com/34xj1s8/t/Rajshri-Music on Joost.com.

    Rajshri Media managing director Rajjat A. Barjatya said, “My team and I at Rajshri Media are delighted to partner with Joost and make our large library of premium Indian entertainment programming available on demand to a global audience. We regard Joost as one of the pioneers in the online video industry and strongly believe that our partnership with Joost will help us reach out to a new, mainstream international audience and be a catalyst in our endeavour to take bollywood global.”

    Joost global head of programming Danny Passman added, “Bollywood films and music continue to grow in popularity, and their appeal extends far beyond the borders of India. Joost is a site where people can enjoy mainstream favorites alongside their niche interests and tastes, and Rajshri’s programming is a great example of our diverse content library.”

    Apart from Rajshri Media, Joost has also inked deals with nine other content partners, who will add their programming to Joost’s library.

    "We love TV shows — but there’s a ton of great content beyond TV shows that deserves attention, and Joost provides that content with a place to shine — where it’s highlighted and showcased among professional programming. We want to give our audience all the shows they want to watch," said Joost global head of programming Danny Passman.

    The other content partners are:
    Animal Fair, Cheaters, Dark Moon Entertainment, Farmers’ Almanac TV, Film Chest,
    Film@11, For Your Imagination, Generate, WebRidesTV.

    All of these content partners, with the exception of Film Chest, are making their content available to a global audience. Joost launched its Flash-based web video service in October. Late last month, it introduced a redesigned user interface that, along with Joost’s social features, make it easier for people to find all their favorite shows, from hit TV shows to web-based series.