Rajshri Media ties up with Idea for made-for-mobile show


Mumbai: Mobile services provider Idea and web and mobile studio Rajshri Media have announced the launch of Akbar Birbal Remixed, India’s first made-for-mobile Show. Ninety video and audio mobisodes of three minutes each, custom designed for the mobile screen, will be available exclusively on Idea’s SMS, Wap and Voice platforms.

Idea Cellular chief marketing officer Pradeep Srivastava said, "In this first-of-its-kind initiative, we are harnessing the true power of the mobile network to enable a holistic, 360 degree approach towards mobile entertainment."

Mobisodes are the latest in-mobile entertainment, and unlike television shows reformatted for the mobile, this initiative goes beyond just mobile videos and encompasses custom-made content delivered through SMS, MMS, and voice and video.

Rajshri Media managing director Rajjat A. Barjatya added, "The mobile phone is fast emerging as the single most powerful device for communication, information and entertainment. With continuous device and network evolution, we believe the ecosystem is ripe for us to conceive and produce original intellectual property fore the mobile phone."

Akbar Birbal Remixed has a distinct Bollywood style narrative and is likely to recreate the magic of celluloid on the mobile phone through endearing stories of wit and wisdom, set in a modern, Mumbai underworld milieu. Mobisodes of Akbar Birbal Remixed in SMS, MMS, Video and audio formats will be available exclusively for three months on the mobile for Idea subscribers.

They are also available on the Web at www.rajshri.com and on other leading video streaming portals. The show will thereafter be made available on the TV, home video and FM Radio Platforms.

"This is reversal of the existing trend and highlights the increasing popularity of mobile phones in the overall entertainment scenario and this will be the beginning of a new concept, where audio-visual productions first reach the larger mobile users, and thus gain greater visibility and mass appeal – any time, any place", added Srivastava.

The mobisodes will be available on IdeaFresh Wap GPRs services and on the voice portal as voice medium-friendly audiosodes. The service will support serval user friendly pricing options too. By accessing IdeaFresh WAP GPRS, subscribers can also acces several download options.

Idea subscribers can opt for three payment plans: per download for Rs. 15 per episode; weekly subscription of Rs. 50 per week; and monthly subscription of Rs. 150 per month and can be accessed on GPRS by visiting http://wap.ideafresh.com. On voice charges are Rs. 1 per minute and can be accessed by dialing 543213 on Idea voice portal.