Rajshri serves up new movie downloads


    MUMBAI: One of the biggest box office successes this year Bheja Fry, has now found its way to the world wide web via Rajshri.com. The film, which mustered great success in its theatrical screening, with 110 physical and 35 digital prints, screened across various theatres in India. However, the movie did not get an international release.

    With Rajshri.com’s platform, Bheja Fry has now been made available on a pay per download basis download for international audiences. Bheja Fry is being made available in a premium and standard version, for which the charges are $14.99 and $9.99 respectively.

    Apart from this, the new release from Pritish Nandy Communications Bow Barracks Forever, saw a simultaneous premiere on the internet on the day and date of its theatrical release. Bow Barracks Forever can be downloaded for a premium of $ 19.99, for a seven day viewing period and $9.99 for a 72 hour viewing period.

    Bheja Fry priducer Sunil Doshi worked on a revenue sharing scheme with Rajshri.com and his older film Mixed Doubles too is also available on the site.

    Speaking to Businessofcinema.com, Doshi says, “To stay in co-existence with studios and corporates, production houses like mine need to have new ways of reaching out to people. The digital platform, although in its infant stage, is an interesting medium. It helps in reaching out to people in East Europe where the distribution mechanism of home video and satellite is not robust. A website like Rajshri.com helps by providing a near DVD quality film.”

    Other recent additions on the Rajshri portal include films like Paap, Jism, Yeh Lamhe Judaii Ke, which are being made available only for viewers outside India, Bhutan, Nepal and a few other areas.