Rakesh Roshan reveals ‘Krissh 3’

MUMBAI: Rakesh Roshan has completed shooting ‘Krrish 3’ barring the romantic songs. The climactic fight between Hrithik and Vivek has them locked in a photo-finish combat.
Says the director, “For the last five months we’ve shot only the action scenes. The fights are not about showing the super-hero throwing punches. His opponent is just as powerful. We’re ready with two hours of film. We need to shoot another half an hour.”
Rubbishing rumours that Farhan Akhtar was roped in to supervise the climactic fights Rakesh says, “Farhan? He’s grown up with my son. I love Farhan’s work. But I’ve been directing films from the time he was a child…I am very happy with the outcome. We’re nearly done.”
The director admits ‘Krrish 3’ cannot compare with the action scenes in the ‘Spiderman’ series. “In terms of stunt spectacle and action we’ve gone way beyond the other ‘Krissh’ films. But we can’t compete with Hollywood. One of their action scenes is equal to my entire budget. We can’t afford the bigness of  the Hollywood super-hero films. Given our monetary restrictions we’ve done whatever we could do with the action scenes. But our forte is the drama. So we’ve based all the action in emotions. Plain and simple, they’ve the money. We don’t. We have to depend on our content, the story and emotions. We’ll try to get the audience involved in the emotions and then get them sucked into the stunts.”
It looks like Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Krissh’ franchise just got bigger, much bigger. Vivek Oberoi’s character of the antagonist in ‘Krissh 3’ will now be a steady part of the Krissh series.
What’s more, all plans to make Hrithik’s super-hero dance and sing have been dropped, because Vivek’s super-villain ‘Kaal’ does none of that. Informs Rakesh Roshan, “Hrithik’s the super-hero won’t sing and dance. Both ‘Krissh’ and ‘Kaal’ are pitched against one another in a very serious combat. Any attempt to change the equation would tilt the balance.”
Rakesh neckdeep in post-production and the remaining fraction of the shooting, adds, “It wasn’t just the super-hero. Hrithik also plays the hero Krishna and his father. So I had to balance three Hrithiks against one character of the villain. This time I had to work hard on establishing Vivek’s character. He’s a definite part of the franchise now. It makes sense to pitch Hrithik’s super-hero against an equally powerful villain. There’s no point in introducing an antagonist and then leaving the character half-finished.”